While keeping the instrumental format and the music profile of a modern jazz quartet, Jazzentinean, introduces into its repertoire north-Argentinean folkloric elements, mainly taken from Chacarera, Zamba, Carnavalito and Baguala genres. Jazzed-up traditional folkloric tunes, jazz standards with a twist of folkloric rhythms and original compositions influenced by both genres add up to shape Jazzentinean´s sound.


Created by Argentinean raised saxophonist Kenny Talkowski, Jazzentinean was conceived as an outlet to share his cultural influences through the language of jazz. The band´s musical aim is to deliver to its audience a well narrated story that presents a wide spectrum of emotions while travelling between folkloric sounds, main stream jazz and experimental music.



In 2010 Jazzentinean released its debut album. Recorded in The Netherlands in December 2009, The Line presents a set of tunes that varies between folkloric songs, jazz standards and original compositions while keeping a continuity of sound throughout the whole album.


Since its release in April 2010 Jazzentinean has toured in The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


In 2012 Jazzentinean won the DORDRECHT JAZZ PRIZE



 Jazzentinean Project Kenny Talkowski