The Ensemble has toured in 2008 (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Rumania, France and Belgium), 2009 (Poland), 2010 (Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Repuplic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium) and 2011 (France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Repuplic, Slovakia, Rumania, Serbia and Belgium).




2011 - Love/Train

2010 - Aeration

2008 - Reed Action

Almost 200 years after the Belgian musician Adolphe Sax invented the first saxophone, the Belgian production house Met-X celebrates the history of saxophone music. With its European Saxophone Ensemble (ESE), it brings together twelve young promising saxophone players from as many EU member states to perform new compositions that allows you to discover the incredible richness of the saxophone family.


Directed by the international award-winning saxophone player Cezariusz Gadzina, this ensemble has the honour to hold the title of Cultural Ambassador of the European Union. The artistic aim of the ensemble is to break down the barriers between music styles. The repertoire covers a wide spectrum of genres (jazz, contemporary, traditional and classical music) and each piece is commissioned from different prominent European composers.


Kenny Talkowski was a member of the European Saxophone Ensemble -representing Spain- since its creation in 2008 until 2011.

 European Saxophone Ensemble Kenny Talkowski